Captivating Foundations

Brand Forge specializes in crafting identities that deeply resonate with audiences, while igniting vibrant online communities through strategic engagement. Our approach is rooted in data-driven storytelling, enabling us to craft compelling narratives that resonate with precision and impact.

Amplify Engagement

Social Media Mastery harnesses the power of each platform to maximize reach, while PR Powerhouse secures impactful media coverage in relevant publications and channels. Influencer Alchemy strategically partners with the right voices in the digital space to amplify brand messaging and engagement.

Unlock Potential and Achieve Success

Fundraising Expertise guides you through the process, crafting compelling investment theses to secure capital effectively. Navigational Acumen provides expert guidance to navigate the Web3 landscape, ensuring informed decisions and strategic positioning



Harnessing over two decades of expertise in direct marketing initiatives, we're not just driven by passion – we're powered by it. Our team, comprised of seasoned communication and technology professionals, doesn't just see opportunities; we spot them, craft actionable solutions, and execute campaigns with lightning speed. Let's ignite your brand's potential together, turning your visions into vibrant realities that captivate audiences and drive results.

Capital Raising

Unlock the power of possibility with our fundraising expertise. Our mission is simple: Secure the capital you need to propel your vision forward. With strategic finesse and unwavering dedication, we craft campaigns that inspire action and drive impact.

Content Marketing

Elevate your outreach strategy with our narrative expertise. Our marketing services encompass a comprehensive suite tailored for Web3 projects, including content creation, social media management, graphics design, animated video production, and strategic social growth — our most impactful offering. Additionally, we specialize in Twitter space management, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) onboarding and management, as well as PR and press release distribution. Through strategic storytelling, we transform information into inspiration, driving meaningful connections and fostering long-term support for your cause.


At BMG, we redefine outreach strategies through strategic narrative crafting and powerful partnerships. In addition to our core marketing services for Web3 projects, we cultivate alliances with major players in centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchange listings, as well as influential market makers. These partnerships offer unparalleled opportunities for visibility and growth, ensuring your project thrives in the competitive landscape. Collaborate with us at BMG to sculpt narratives that inform, engage, and drive meaningful impact

What We Deliver

Consulting &

Actionable solutions and executing campaigns with lightning speed


Developing and refining your brand identity to resonate with donors and investors, fostering trust and recognition


Comprehensive plans to effectively raise funds aligned with your organization's goals


Strategic planning to enhance your market positioning and outreach efforts for fundraising success



Funds Raised


Influencer Communities Reach


Total Market Cap Reach


Members In Community Building

Meet the BMG TEAM

Seth Estrada

Co-Founder & CEO

Seth, our visionary creative, blends extensive experience with cutting-edge industry knowledge, fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries in innovation.

Justin MacLachlan

Co-Founder & CMO

Meet Justin aka "the cat" stands as a beacon of expertise in fundraising and cultivating key relationships in the realm of blockchain, boasting OG status since 2010.

Jay Ortiz

Co-Founder & CSO

Jay brings vast executive experience and strategic insight, specializing in advising early-stage companies and venture capital and private equity clients.

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